Elected Officials

  • Todd Donovan – Whatcom County Council Member
  • Lisa Anderson – Bellingham City Council Member
  • Gene Knutson – Bellingham City Council Member
  • Michael Shepard – Port of Bellingham Commissioner
  • Bobby Briscoe – Port of Bellingham Commissioner
  • Ken Bell – Port of Bellingham Commissioner
  • Alicia Rule – WA State Representative (42nd LD)
  • Sharon Shewmake – WA State Representative (42nd LD)
  • Ken Mann – Former Whatcom County Councilmember
  • Kelli Linville – Former Bellingham Mayor
  • Dan Pike – Former Bellingham Mayor
  • Mark Asmundson – Former Bellingham Mayor
  • Terry Bornemann – Former Bellingham City Council Member
  • Louise Bjornson – Former Bellingham City Council Member
  • Barbara Ryan – Former Bellingham City Council Member
  • Jon Mutchler – Former Ferndale Mayor
  • Mike McAuley – Former Port of Bellingham Commissioner



The Community

  • Jill Clark – Retired, formerly with Kulshan Community Land Trust

“Russ understands that it takes creativity and collaboration to address housing affordability. He secured grant funding so more first-time homebuyers could buy affordable homes in our community

  • Wendy Scherrer – Former President of the Happy Valley Neighborhood Association

“To provide better leadership in educating our elected officials and and city staff about issues in Bellingham’s neighborhoods.”

  • Dr. Bill Lombard – Retired, Bellingham Resident

“Russ is dedicated to working cooperatively with other organizations to help solve the critical issues that our community faces – homelessness, racial inequity, early childhood education. He has the organizational and financial skills that can accomplish this.”

  • Patricia Decker – Former Planning Director of Bellingham & Co-Founder of Bellingham City Club

“Russ is the most qualified candidate in this race, based on his experience, people skills, community involvement and education.”

  • Paul Schissler – Co-founder of Whatcom Housing Alliance & co-founder of Kulshan Community Land Trust

“It tells us a lot about Russ Whidbee that Russ became an early, enthusiastic supporter of Kulshan Community Land Trust. I appreciate Russ’s eagerness to add more, good things to what’s already happening to make quality of life affordable for all of us.”

  • David Warren – former President of the NW WA Central Labor Council

“As the past President of the Northwest Washington Central Labor Council for over 25 years, I know a great candidate when I see one. That is why I am honored to endorse and support Russ. He has worked hard on the issues for many years. He is smart, articulate and a strong advocate for all. It’s his time, let’s do this.”

  • Todd Lagestee – Union Firefighter
  • Tara Nelson – Past Chair, 40th LD Democrats
  • Trevor Smith – Past Chair, 40th LD Democrats / LiUNA Local 292 Political Director
  • Kim Harris – Distinctive Voice Consulting
  • Brad Jackson – Retired, WWU Men’s Basketball Coach
  • Anne Mackie – Owner of Nelson’s Market
  • Al Jensen – Retired, Bellingham Police Department
  • Ted Pratt – Retired, WWU Dean of Students
  • Yolanda Hughes – Owner of Yolie Fitness
  • Don Keenan – Former Bellingham City Club President
  • Howard Williams – Retired AWPPW
  • Malcolm H. Oliver – Race Relations Consultant
  • Bernard Franklin – Owner of Busy B’s Barbershops
  • Corey Anderson – Retired Teamsters & Bellingham Resident
  • Rick Luke – Retired Bellingham Resident
  • Jack Delay – Bellingham Resident

“Collaborative, Competent, Community Roots.”

  • Cheryl Crooks – Bellingham Resident

“The more I learn about Russ the more I’m convinced that he’s the more experienced and better qualified candidate in this race. He brings a depth of knowledge, community engagement and civic commitment to this candidacy. His voice would be a much-needed asset on the City Council.”

  • Dennis & Rosie Rayborn – Bellingham Residents

“Russ is honest, strait forward and a very caring person. We have known Russ for over 18 years and wholeheartedly endorse him.”

  • Catalina Hope – Bellingham Resident

“I appreciate your compassion and caring, combined with a rational, realistic approach. I can see that you walk your talk and that you’re a bridge builder! I believe you will be more successful at compromise and reaching out across the spectrum of views that are represented in Bellingham.”

  • Mike Slocum – Bellingham Resident

“He seems to have the right mix of common sense and concern for his fellow community members.”

  • Jael Komac – Bellingham Resident

“Have a conversation with Russ and you will experience how genuine, knowledgable and down-to-earth he is. Our community needs more leaders like him.”

  • Shellie Morris – Bellingham Resident

“Has a open mind to listen to both sides of the problem. He has common sense.”

  • James Loucky – Bellingham Resident

“Besides vast experience and valuing collaboration, Russ understands concerns about public safety. He has personally met with the police chiefs of every city in our county, to hear local concerns and approaches. He has earned our trust.”

  • Steve Harris – Bellingham Resident

“As a public safety professional, and a Bellingham resident, I know that Russ Whidbee is the best choice for our City to figure out financing our essential services without defunding public safety. I trust Russ to make the best choices for all of Bellingham.”

  • Colin Lowin – Bellingham Resident

“He is well-established in our community (unlike his competitor), has a track record of LOCAL compassion, has shown he gives a darn about public safety and is a realist. Great combination. Defund the Police? I don’t think so…”

  • Karin Saadatzadeh – Bellingham Resident

“Russ is the right person for the council, he will make decisions level headed and will listen to all the people.”

  • Therese Holm – Bellingham Resident

“He has a strong record of serving the community and can bring his experience to be an effective member of the city council. I also think his background in accounting and finance will help in understanding the city’s funding challenges.”

  • Lane Morgan – Bellingham Resident

“Russ has been working for racial justice, access to education, and general community betterment for the 30 plus years I have known him. He is calm, thoughtful, and open to new information. He will make a fine council member.”

  • Jon Ostby – Bellingham Resident

“A trusted long-time Bellingham leader.”

  • Dianne Foster – Bellingham Resident

“I spoke with him at a fundraiser event, and was very impressed that he understands the complexity of neighborhood issues.”

  • Elizabeth Page – Bellingham Resident

“I appreciate Russ’ commitment to Bellingham, and his deep, personal knowledge of our community needs. He’s kind and concerned, and would be a voice for all of us – and he knows how to listen, too.”

  • John Whitmer – Bellingham Resident

“Candidates with his local background, wide experience, professional competence, and community involvement are needed at every level of government.”

  • Kimberly Perry – Former President, Bellingham Technical College

“It is with confidence that I endorse Russ Whidbee to serve on the Bellingham City Council. In his role on the Bellingham Technical College Foundation Board, he led with integrity, compassion and a commitment to students, employees, employers and the community.”

  • Warren Sheay – Bellingham Resident

“Russ has dedicated himself to our community for the last 40 years with significant results. Hands down he is the most qualified and experienced candidate for the job!”

  • Dick Conoboy – Bellingham Resident

“Russ is a solid member of the community whose constant civic engagement has been manifest for 40 years. You can’t ask for a more experienced citizen to be a Bellingham City Council member.”

  • Margaret Curtis – Bellingham Resident

“Russ’s breadth of skills and life experiences equip him to listen, illuminate, and lead forward through complexity.”

  • Kathleen Standish – Bellingham Resident

“I read about what he does for our community and like what I was informed of.”

  • Trish Harding – Bellingham Resident

“His platform. I am a Democrat!”

  • Laura Laffrado – Bellingham Resident

“We need Russ and all the experience that he brings on our City Council.”

  • Micki Jackson – Bellingham Resident

“Russ has the requisite skills and judgment in these changing times to help lead our community to solutions. I trust him — he went about quietly serving our community with distinction long before he made his decision to run for City Council. He gets things done!”

  • Joy Keenan – Bellingham Resident
  • Joe Mackie – Bellingham Resident
  • Tish Franklin – Bellingham Resident
  • Alex Wiley – Bellingham Resident
  • Steve Abell – Bellingham Resident
  • Tim Hostetler – Bellingham Resident
  • Carol Arvin – Bellingham Resident
  • Laurie Bomstad Heck – Bellingham Resident
  • Stephanie Twiford – Bellingham Resident
  • Colin Lowin – Bellingham Resident
  • Julia Hassler – Bellingham Resident
  • Steve Harris – Bellingham Resident
  • Lyn Allison – Bellingham Resident
  • Mary Passmore – Bellingham Resident
  • Leigh Mcdiarmid – Bellingham Resident
  • Rebecca Johnson – Bellingham Resident
  • Dean Fearing – Bellingham Resident





Local Organizations


  • Northwest Washington Central Labor Council (NWCLC)
  • LiUNA! Local 292
  • Whatcom Environmental Voters
  • 42nd Legislative District Democrats
  • Teamsters Joint Council 28 and Local 231
  • Guild of Pacific Northwest Employees, Local 1937
  • Bellingham/Whatcom Council of Firefighters (IAFF Local # 106)
  • Commercial Fisherman’s Association of Whatcom County



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