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Elected Officials

Lisa Anderson – Bellingham City Council Member

Kaylee Galloway – Whatcom County Council Member

Dan Pike – Former Bellingham Mayor

Mark Asmundson – Former Bellingham Mayor

Kelli Linville – Former Bellingham Mayor

Tim Douglas – Former Bellingham Mayor

Ken Hertz – Former Bellingham Mayor


Pete Kremen – Former Whatcom County Executive:

“Russ cares about OUR community!”

Jack Louws – Former Whatcom County Executive

Louise Bjornson – Former Bellingham City Council Member

Gene Knutson – Former Bellingham City Council Member

Terry Bornemann – Former Bellingham City Council Member

Barbara Ryan – Former Bellingham City Council Member

Ken Mann – Former Whatcom County Council Member

Peter Donovan – Candidate Mayor of Mount Vernon:

“Outstanding leadership begins with outstanding human beings, and Russ Whidbee is just that. A compassionate leader who invests in the lives of those he represents. Bellingham has a unique opportunity to elect a servant leader who will stand boldly for your interests.”


Community Members


Jill Clark – Bellingham Resident and Retired, formerly with Kulshan Community Land Trust:

“Russ understands that it takes creativity and collaboration to address housing affordability. He secured grant funding so more first-time homebuyers could buy affordable homes in our community.”

Patricia Decker – Former Planning Director of Bellingham & Co-Founder of Bellingham City Club:

“Russ is the most qualified candidate in this race, based on his experience, people skills, community involvement and education.”

Scott Jones – Bellingham Planning Commissioner

Peter Frazier – Bellingham Resident:

“I’m impressed with Russ. We need his keen eye on finances, his understanding of business, and his heartfelt concern for the safety and well-being for all our citizens.”

Elizabeth Page – Bellingham Resident and Sean Humphrey House Executive Director

Todd Lagestee – Bellingham Resident and Chair 40th LD Democrats

Tara Nelson – Past Chair, 40th LD Democrats

Trevor Smith – Bellingham Resident and past Chair, 40th LD Democrats

Steve Harris – Bellingham Resident:

“As a public safety professional, and a Bellingham resident, I know that Russ Whidbee is the best choice for our city to figure out financing our essential services without defunding public safety. I trust Russ to make the best choices for all of Bellingham.”

Dick Conoboy – Bellingham Resident and NW Citizen Editor:

“Russ is a solid member of the community whose constant civic engagement has been manifest for 40 years. You can’t ask for a more experienced citizen to be a Bellingham City Council member.”

Abe Jacobson – Bellingham Resident and PhD. Physics:

“Russ Whidbee is the financial expert that Bellingham City Council needs to ensure our community’s funding priorities are followed. I heartily endorse Russ for his expertise, his deep record of community service, and his common sense.”

Catherine Chambers – Bellingham Resident and past President Washington State Federation of Democratic Women

Hue Beattie – Bellingham Resident and 2004 Washington State Democratic Man of the Year

Nancy Sheng – Bellingham Resident, Silver Beach neighborhood

Kendra Cristelli – Bellingham non-profit leader

Ted Pratt – Bellingham Resident

Bill Newmon – First Black elected Officer Whatcom Democrats

Russell Harris Jr – Bellingham Resident

Heidi Hanson – Bellingham Resident

Carol Brach – retired WWU Journalism department manager:

“Russ is a clear thinker, financially savvy and practical and he embodies the values of community engagement and service that I share.”

Greg Becker – Bellingham Resident

Jollean Shaw – Bellingham Resident

Dianne Foster – Bellingham Resident

Antonio Shaw – Bellingham Resident

Reggie Tate – Bellingham Resident

Mike Hammes – Owner RAM Construction

Gertrude James – Bellingham Resident and Nurse Practitioner

Garret O’Brien – Owner Volanta Corp. and former candidate Bellingham City Council At-Large:

“Russ has a healthy balance of financial acumen, social empathy, and life experience to be an effective representative on our City Council. Russ is the best choice for the at-large position.”

Stephanie Twiford – Bellingham Resident

Pamela Cook – Bellingham Resident:

“A man to trust!”

Stan Tate – former attorney:

“I have known Russ for over 40 years. People of his caliber and financial acumen are exactly what we must have on our City Councils. As a former attorney I recognize good leadership and Russ is the excellent leader we need.”

Rick Luke – Retired Bellingham Police Officer

Melvin A. Hoover – Retired Unitarian Universalist Minister and Bellingham Resident

Flo Simon – Retired Bellingham Police Chief:

“Russ listens to all people and all sides and is fair. He is not afraid to ask hard questions nor is he afraid to accept hard answers.”

Yolanda Hughes-Heying – Bellingham Resident and Ms. Olympia 1998 (runner-up):

“Russ cares for the community and will look at situations from all angles.”

Margen Riley – Bellingham Resident:

“Russ has an outstanding track record!”

Shirley Zuanich – Bellingham Resident:

“Russ is a bridge builder!”


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